The Traditional A&R vs Social Media 
    - How has technology and the advancement of social media platforms, helped or hurt real A&R reps?

Curators vs DJ’s 
    - In this age of streaming who is more important to promoting records. The traditional DJ or the curator? Or do they still go hand in hand?

Boutique Labels: The Rise of Independence 
    - What are the benefits of signing to a smaller label that has a joint venture with a major? What is the exact role or the responsibilities of the smaller label? 

Viral Marketing: Publisher x Facebook x Youtube x SoundCloud
    - Why is it so important going towards the future?
    - How does it work?


Digital Promotional Marketing 2.0: How to get ahead of the curve in Digital promotion?

- Understanding what is the best channels to drive digital promotion into record sales, ticket sales, etc.  

The Life of Radio vs Streaming

- As consumers are starting to become more loyal to Streaming, how do your local radio station plan to stay in the mix to compete in this Streaming age.

Get Booked: How to get booked?

 - The art of touring, the future of independent artists and venues vs major promoters

The Artist Entrepreneur: Artists beyond music – Fashion, Film, Sports

 - Artists are creating mini entrepreneurial empires besides music. How to create a branding empire.


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